About Us


Compliance and integrity

We take responsibility seriously, which is why we have comprehensive compliance guidelines in place – and we adhere strictly to the rules and regulations they describe. These rules apply to everyone, regardless of their position or employer. And everyone is responsible for following them, without exception.

Our Code of Conduct describes the values, basic rules, and principles that form the basis for how we interact and conduct ourselves in our daily business. It also supports us in implementing compliance by describing the relevant regulations and highlighting potential risks and conflicts.

In addition, we attach great importance to integrity, which refers to the consistency of the Code of Conduct with our own words and actions in terms of actively promoting compliance. We explicitly expect all employees to adhere to our Code, in order to ensure compliance and integrity in our daily business.

You can find our Code of Conduct here.

Whistleblowing system

We do not tolerate any violations of the law or regulatory requirements – no exceptions. This stance requires the awareness and willingness of everyone to call attention to breaches if they have relevant information. We provide a reporting system specifically for this purpose.

Concerns can be reported to our whistleblowing system, confidentially if desired – and at any time. If you would like to submit a report, please send it to the following contact:

Whistleblowing system: Demmel Hinweisgebersystem

Email: info@hinweisgeberexperte.de

Phone: +498921527433

Post: Compliance Beratung und Service GmbH

Maximilianstrasse 24

80539 Munich


Explainer video – Our whistleblowing system: