About the Demmel Group

Vision and values

The Demmel Group's vision, values and principles give firm expression to our basic convictions, standards, and actions. They guide our long-term strategy and set the direction for our path as a group.

In our guiding documents, we express our enduring values as well as the strategic sustainability pillars that have the highest priority in everything we do.

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Synergies happen when you think and act holistically.

Facts and figures

The Demmel Group is an association of leading companies in the fields of decorative parts, decorative surfaces, control systems, electronics, and mobile energy provision. Each subsidiary contributes to our global success with their specific expertise and engineering capabilities.

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€ 275 million

annual revenue

Since 1886

on the market

1991: formation of the Demmel Group

100 %

passionate about our products

Our history

The earliest days of the Demmel Group date back to 1886, when signage and fittings were still made from etched brass. Today, the Group of companies is a global provider of high-quality high-tech products and services.

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The companies of the Demmel Group

The Demmel Group consists of the following high-tech companies, each of which are specialists in their fields.

Logo DEMMEL Flow

Within the Demmel Group, Demmel is the specialist for industrial identification, decoration, and communication. With the following locations:


  • Demmel AG (Germany)
  • CP Targhe (Italy)
  • DMCC (China)
  • Demmel Inc (USA)
Logo RAWE Flow

Also a member of the Demmel Group, RAWE specializes in system services in the electronics industry. With the following locations:


  • RAWE Electronic GmbH (Germany)
Logo MAIR Flow

As part of the Demmel Group, MAIR is the specialist for electronics manufacturing services and has the following locations:


  • MAIR Elektronik GmbH 
  • MAIR Elektronik GmbH 
Logo TEFAG Flow

As part of the Demmel Group, TEFAG focuses on battery systems and is available at the following location:


  • TEFAG Elektronik AG (Switzerland)
Logo CMI Flow

Within the Demmel Group, CMI specializes in flexible printed electronics. With the following locations:


  • CM Int’l Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
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We take a sustainable, socially responsible approach.

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In our sustainable corporate development and targeted strategy, we outline what we see as our corporate social responsibility towards the environment and society, with the goal of meeting the current requirements of our environment (ESG approach).

We endeavor to harmonize environmental, social and governance objectives to create the best possible foundation for our business success. By prioritizing these focus areas, we want to make effective sustainability contributions, both for our stakeholders and the environment.


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Compliance with relevant laws, guidelines, and regulations is crucial to our corporate responsibility.

By formulating an ethical and legal compass for our actions, we create points of reference, prevent conflict situations and promote public awareness. With our reporting system, we offer legally compliant and anonymous reporting options and promote open dialog with our stakeholders.

To fulfill this task, our Code of Conduct describes the essential rules for our conduct within the Demmel Group and towards our business partners and the public.


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