We develop electronic control systems and controls according to customer requirements for various product and industrial sectors. These include battery-supported power supplies, USB-supported charging circuits and embedded power supplies as well as optical measurement technology for plumbing, heating and more.


The development process of a series-ready product covers the phases from the idea and prototype development through to product qualification and series production. Complaints, returns and repairs are handled by after-sales service. Product phase-outs are planned to include spare parts production and final retirement.

Our service

We offer comprehensive development services and elaborate your custom assembly – for efficient and cost-optimized production in-house at our company.

Our product development process also includes the production of samples and prototypes, which are manufactured in-house and tested according to customer requirements and European standards. We take on the prototyping of your electronics and the creation of initial mechanical prototypes.

Our experts in this field

Within the Demmel Group we have dedicated specialists for this product category. For more information, please visit the websites of the individual companies: