Market Sector


Keypads and input systems

All our keypads are designed to meet the highest demands in both efficiency and durability. As gateways to the digital world, our HMIs offer precision, convenience, and an unparalleled experience. From simple membrane keypads to advanced piezoelectric technology.

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We develop your product from the initial concept to series readiness so it can be produced using state-of-the-art technology. In addition to "design for manufacturing", we take into account key considerations such as obsolescence and the availability of electronics.

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As a make-to-order manufacturer, we take care of your production data, parts lists and production specifications, and carefully review it all for possible improvements. We then design the manufacturing processes and select production methods. Because we are specialized in SMT and THT production, with expertise in different soldering processes, we ensure you get competitive rates.

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Lithium-ion batteries

The Demmel Group develops and assembles customized lithium-ion batteries. We manufacture your battery pack including the required safety circuit and battery management system (BMS). Need additional circuit components or end-to-end assembly solutions? We can provide that too.

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Lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) batteries

For even higher safety requirements, we offer lithium ferrophosphate batteries, which are a variation on conventional lithium-ion technology. Here, too, we offer full-service customer-specific solutions, right up to complex packs that include protection circuit modules (PCM) and matching battery management systems (BMS).

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Lithium polymer batteries

When space is limited or flexible battery formats are required, we recommend the use of lithium polymer batteries or pouch cells. These models forgo a steel cell housing and rely instead on plastic-aluminum foils to contain the battery pack. Our services for this battery type include enabling the design-in of customized lithium polymer batteries, plus integrating the necessary protection circuit modules.

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Battery chargers

We supply the right charging technology for every battery pack. For lithium-ion cell charging, we always optimize parameters for the best possible result. Depending on your needs, we either develop custom chargers or recommend the right standard chargers, giving you long-term confidence for your application. Our goal is to provide a true "one-stop shop", and provide you with an end-to-end offering of innovative products and expertise.

Touch display integration

With Demmel Group, you get the added bonus of touch display integration: We add the right touch display system to your product. That means collaborating with you to select suitable components and taking care of the installation.

Battery management systems (BMS)

When it comes to operating battery packs with multiple individual cells, battery management systems (BMS) are state of the art. Protective circuits protect against overcharging, deep discharge and unplanned overload. Controlled balancing keeps all cells at the same level. Whether you need a simple protective circuit or a high-end BMS, we help you find the right solution for your smart battery.

Analytics & X-ray testing

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection (X-Ray)

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After-Sales Service

Full-service provider for your electronics production.

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Certifications for batteries

Our range of services also includes the certification of lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the product category, different guidelines and laws apply worldwide. We advise you on the required standards and organize all necessary certifications for the transport and operation of your battery pack.

Electronics Rework & Refurbishing

Rework and refurbishing of electronic assemblies for repair and update purposes. 

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