metalTouch® – for decorative metal surfaces

metalTouch® enables touch functions on refined metal. With metalLight®, the operating elements are backlit in color.

VAS metal keypads – 100% safe

Our tactile metal keyboards (aluminum/stainless steel) feature extremely flat numeric and alphanumeric input modules.

Piezo switches – functional safety

Patented Everswitch® piezo technology enables the construction of robust operating units. It guarantees reliable switching behind metal surfaces.

Short-stroke keypads – securely protected from exterior conditions

With short-stroke keypads, combinations of individual operating elements and displays work together reliably. They are optimally protected behind the cover foil.

Membrane keyboards - high-quality input systems

With their closed and easy-to-clean surfaces, our membrane keyboards are a high-performance, state-of-the-art solution.

Product examples

Short-stroke keypad with slide-in strip and high-quality symbol illumination

Membrane keyboard in combination with touchscreens, fully assembled

BORA Professional control knob on the stove

CCV PIN pad with display for payment terminal

Our experts in this field

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