Control systems & human machine interfaces (HMI)

Our custom-designed touch pads and input systems create intuitive interfaces between humans and machines. Demmel's portfolio includes membrane, short-stroke and stainless steel keyboards, capacitive, piezoelectric or optical input systems (TOF), electromechanical switching systems and touch display integration. Another highlight: our unique metalTouch® technology.

Keypads and input systems

All our keypads are designed to meet the highest demands in both efficiency and durability. As gateways to the digital world, our HMIs offer precision, convenience, and an unparalleled experience. From simple membrane keypads to advanced piezoelectric technology.

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metalLight® is our innovative solution for decorative metal surfaces illuminated through tiny holes. For the metal surface, we offer several high-quality aluminum and stainless steel alloys, plus refinement using special processes. When combined with touch functions, what you get is control systems that perfectly unite form and function.

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Electromechanical switching systems

When it comes to electromechanical switching, we are a strong systems partner. Our design department will develop the right incremental encoder for your needs. We then engineer a switching mechanism and all mechanical components, including the electronic interface to your control system – all according to your precise requirements.

Sensor-based input systems

Whether, capacitive or optical, we develop and produce sensor-based input systems to fit your application. We distinguish between touch-sensitive keypads, and non-contact optical control elements using the time-of-flight method.

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Touch display integration

With Demmel Group, you get the added bonus of touch display integration: We add the right touch display system to your product. That means collaborating with you to select suitable components and taking care of the installation.