metalLight® stands for transparent, closed apertures in high-quality metals – plus delicate illuminated symbols and impressive designs. We offer a wide range of aluminum and stainless steel alloys that can be further refined through galvanic treatment and selective grinding and brushing processes. The result is tailor-made metal surfaces that impress both visually and in terms of quality. We combine our metalLight® technology with capacitive or piezo touch functions for smooth and intuitive operation.

The future of decorative parts

Whether in the automotive industry, aerospace, consumer electronics, or other sectors, metalLight® sets new standards in design and functionality. Our experts will be happy to support you in turning your visions into reality and creating innovative products.

Product examples

Backlit metalLight® metal buttons for car doors

Illuminated star pattern on a prototype

Our experts in this field

Within the Demmel Group we have dedicated specialists for this product category. For more information, please visit the websites of the individual companies: