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Electronics for vehicle headlamps

In the field of headlamp electronics, we rely on fully automated production. Our automated production concepts enable products to be assembled in a matter of seconds. We manufacture up to 7 million units per year in large series.


Headlamp adjustment units are standard in any modern vehicle. These components adjust the headlamp beam angle to prevent harsh glare for drivers in oncoming traffic. Since starting production in 1998, we have manufactured 130 million headlamp adjustment units from almost 2 billion individual parts. In addition to halogen headlamps, these controllers are now also used for LED lighting systems. 

LED headlamp adjustment units enable optimum illumination of the road along the path of the vehicle. All steps, from component assembly to packaging, are fully automated in a specially developed production cell. The LED headlamp adjustment unit is a high-precision electro-mechanical dimming device for first-generation full LED headlamps.

Our experts in this field

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