EMS Automotive

The Demmel Group is a systems supplier for the automotive industry. We manufacture the electronics for vehicle headlamps, illuminated brand emblems for interiors and exteriors, as well as various sensor assemblies, for seat belts and more. Automated and at scale for highly renowned European automobile brands.

Electronics for vehicle headlamps

We manufacture headlamp adjustment units for the automotive industry – with a near-to-zero failure rate. That allows us to make an important contribution to both on-road safety and driving comfort.

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Sensor systems

The Demmel Group manufactures sensor systems for various vehicle applications, including pretensioner electronics and transmission sensors. After final inspection, many products are sent directly to packing belts, for easier automated processing by our customers (tape & reel).

LED modules for entry sills & emblems

Lighting up that first step: we design illuminated entry sills with LED modules and foil connectors. Fitting and testing happens automatically as part of the brazing process.

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