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LED modules for entry sills & emblems

We provide lighting where brands are staged. Rotary indexing tables are used in automated production. Production amounts to 2 million units per year with 40 different types. Thanks to the automated processes, the error rate is below 5 ppm.


Illuminated entry sills are a staple in many mid-range and luxury-class vehicles. The LED circuit board with electronic circuitry and connector is provided to car manufacturers as part of further processing steps at Demmel AG, including light guide components and genuine aluminum trim.

More and more car manufacturers use illuminated brand emblems for their electric vehicles. Illuminated on-vehicle logos or lettering increase recognition value and strengthen branding. Within the Demmel Group, RAWE handles the manufacturing of LED modules with various decorative surfaces.

Our experts in this field

Within the Demmel Group we have dedicated specialists for this product category. For more information, please visit the websites of the individual companies: